Thursday, February 28, 2008

The sunny delight of chili lime powder

The first installment of the KOOL-AID Reeboks have dropped: Grape, cherry, strawberry. Yes they are scented too!!! Just like lil Ms. Shortcake. How old is that Strawberry girl these days anyway? I am thinking about 25!! Shit that's the crazy girl age. isnt it?

Well, the purple ones are quite a fashion statement. It's such an odd collab don't you think. But fuck it's better than teaming up with Sunny D or Tang. Both are color limiting I know. Orange isn't all bad though. How about in the case of carrots.
Carrots coast through life. If they were any color other than orange they'd be extinct by now.

" Hi, I'm a carrot and have a bland nothing flavor, but because I'm attractive and because I'm just about the only orange vegetable that can be eaten in raw form, you keep me in your kitchen. I mock you for you weakness."

"Unleash the power of the sun" Good ol' Sunny f-ing D. How can anyone drink that?
Even as a kid and seeking jout any kind of sugar rush available , I had to pass on the SD. Am I the only one it made throat burn and give an odd hacking cough to?

Sticking with the food related topic. I'm watching Gordon Ramsay shows like crazy lately. I DVR Kitchen Nightmares. I also watch A Cooks Tour, Bourdain No reservations and Last restaurant standing, and of course Ace of Cakes. I watch these shows WHILE I eat.
Is that like watching Porn while you fuck? I think it's wrong to watch porn while you fuck. I see no point in it. In fact I see no point in watching porn with your girl at all. Ive never done it. Making porn with your girl. That makes sense.

Remember when it all made sense?
I am only asking because I do.
Striped socks make sense and plaid ones too.
Sick makes sense.
Waiting doesn't make sense neither does Goodbye.
Writing does and
this sure doesn't
Cool wind and your arms around me from behind.
Cakes and brownies
sticking your tongue out
and me saying the sky is blue and you saying nothing..
nothing is wrong.

It's cool out, even for South Florida. I should take advantage and grill tonight. I planted all these flowers out front of GlowManor, and added some landscape lighting. Things are looking spiffy.

I am wondering if I should change the name of my home from GlowManor to GoodVinterEstate.
I miss my dog lately. and always.

These are the ones I wait for: The only thing I wait for. Lime. Not because it was my favorite flavor but because I could really do with some Lime green color in my life.

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