Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Casually Smashed to Pieces

road journal in no particular order:

june of july when summer starts. It used to be when school ends - is summer. simple enough. now we pack bags and load the truck for camping or some disney world bullshit. stock up on explosives; fire- crackers, mortar shells, bottle rockets - the 4th. charcoal for the grill, bright red cooler stocked with bagged ice .

I like the road at medium distances. the great lakes and oceans blue. I like mile high cliffs and smokey mountains the peaks and valleys and her curves. anywhere. anywhere with you. I try to count the orange trees. they fly by in a hazy blur, im doing 85 or 88 mph. bugs hit the windshield with a Thump.Thump. Splat. Florida presents one the most boring of drive. flat awful roads; the occasional road kill. skies can open and pour down on you in a blink of an eye. torture you with black and grey and wet. Yes, there is lightning, more strikes than any state in the union. As suddenly blue skies, birds singing. all in all the surroundings near and far are not much for recalling. drink your fluids, check your gauge for overheating.

high noon mind numb with motion and vibration. It's not long before the sun drops off a western horizon. keep the radio playing loud, keep driving, keep taking mental notes. Are those mountains or clouds up ahead? Is that the ocean im driving into.. the abyss? tricks and illusions. Im not cut out for long distance. she kisses me awake with sugary redbull kisses. Im vaguely aware of She & Him playing from the tiny dashboard speakers- it seems to fit my mood now, fit this road and hour, twang and whisper and zooey eyes. I start to fade again. Half asleep I pull into a small motel, single level maybe 15 rooms. serene, half cozy half dirty. neon pink screaming Vacancy and cold a\c. In the dawns early light the office window is fogged with condensation. a glow creepy and inviting.


The gas light has been on for the last 30 miles. So now I m pumping gallons of fuel into the tank. road weary with a slight Red Bull buzz. I like motels with window shaker a\c's units. the soothing hum and glow of vending machines that for 2 dollars can dispense me ice cold Mountain Dew. A motel that suffers through the off season months, through the hard times. like these. a motel so rightly fucked in and fucked up. Over chlorinated pool that burns my eyes and tingles my skin. A hard pillow and hard cock and two fingers in her mouth. scream. moan. It's okay. We ain't from around here and we aint never coming back.

june of july how wonderful to be alive and able to write this. running out of ink and out time. she calls for me to hurry it up, there's a nasty storm coming from the South. Get back in the truck, get back in and just drive. drive. drive.

She & Him - Thieves (BBC)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

sky is womb and she's the moon

we'd speak of food like porn in secretive sexual whispers, in moans and low tones. two religions. our prayers and favors carried out on knees. the philosophy of a good fuck or a perfectly seasoned steak. the taste of melted butter, pepper, a squeeze of lime. bruises and grill marks admired as art.

there was the weathered airstream trailer painted the colors of mexico where we bought one taco after other. the lime soda, the hot sauce. The night we pulled off the highway so you could sit on my lap in the drivers seat, riding me forwards back. The farmers market excursion randomly searching out mangoes and oranges. your lips warm from the sun. How about that old cuban guy who sells seafood from the the pier? live blue crabs and pink key-west shrimp. that was sex, baby. A salt water boil, steaming pots and clanking dinnerware. we can talk like this for hours. wet mouths and appetite. blood and wine, chocolate and wine, bread and honey.

Her tooth hurt. the one in the back.
her tooth fell out. It was only a dream.
something was under her pilllow.
a coin under her pillow.
there was a strange boy next to her. he was pretty and warm.
It was only a dream.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Silver in the Blood: Joshua Murray - Sculptor\Wax\Silver\Custom Jewelry

Here's the story: One day I was looking for photos of silver skull rings on deviantart, I'm a huge fan of Custom made silver.. skulls, eagles, anchors, lightning bolts, sugar skulls, saints, virgin marys, etc.
It's ART you can wear. Anyway, I'm thankful for stumbling upon the work of Joshua Murray. Since then, I've coveted pretty much everything his mind has imagined to create. His jewelry is sick and I can't wait to adorn one his quality custom pieces. I know little to zero about how one would make such fine things. i mean, from idea, to sculpted wax, to finished silver work of art. I wanted to know more about the art and the artist. So from Los Angeles.. im happy to present - JOSH MURRAY

Good Winter: How did you get into making silver jewelery? Did you go to art school? where did you learn to sculpt wax?
Josh Murray: I do not have any formal training, I started working as a freelance sculptor when I was a teenager and have been at it for the last 15 years. I got into the silver racket about 6 years ago, partly because I started using wax as a sculpting medium and wax and metal casting go together hand and hand.

GW: Do you remember your first attempt at carving wax to mold to silver? what was it and how did it go?
JM: It was a ring with a pirate skull carved into it. Either the investment plaster was mixed poorly or the centrifugal casing machine was wound too tight but the liquid metal shot right through the mold and almost took my face off. It was awesome. I still have the casting, you can see a photo of it here [link]

GW: 4 favorite places?
JM: Madora North Dakota, Tokyo Japan, Clearwater Beach Florida, The Yangtze river in China.

GW: What is currently on your music playlist?
JM: The Didjits, Alice Cooper, Nina Samone, The Violent Femmes, Tom Waits, The Supersuckers.

GW: most prized possession?
JM: I guess if my studio was on fire and i could only take one thing with me, it would be my Grandfathers dog tags.

GW: what are some of your past Halloween costumes?
JM: Batman, C3PO, and a shit load of zombies.

GW: 4 things that you collect?
JM: Tools, Artwork, music, jackalopes.

GW: whats your secret?
JM: A little music, some math, a bit of whiskey, and an ass load of patience. - flintlockprivateer(deviantart)