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baby, Im a vampire- Interview:JULIA TROTTI (photography)

I've been itching to feature work from this young and talented photographer for quite some time. I have been consistently blown away by her use of light and the touching way she displays softness in her art. like shattered poetry- like haunted photographs. The fact she's just 18 years old with so much yet to come.

I'm pleased to introduce: Julia Trotti. She is 18 and hails from the land down under. Sydney, Australia.

Good Winter: what do you love about photography
julia trotti: I love how I can create my own little colourful world, and show people a piece of my crazy mind.GW: do you remember when you took your first photograph?
jt: I don't remember the first time I pressed a shutter release, but I do remember the first time I fell in love with photography. I went on a walk with this point and shoot camera that was lying around the house, and just starting taking pictures of everything and anything that I saw that I thought was interesting. They were terrible photos, but I just had so much fun doing it, that I knew I didn't want to stop after that.

GW: what are some things that inspire you in and around your town?
jt: I live in a place called Cecil Hills and there are all these lakes and fields and well, hills, around everywhere. I'm very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, it makes taking the sorts of photos that I do so much easier.

GW: what movie haven't you seen that almost everyone else has?
jt:Probably a lot actually, I don't watch that many movies. Every time someone mentions, "oh, have you seen that movie where.." I hardly ever know what they are talking about! Haha.

GW: what makes you crazy?
jt: To me, being crazy is a good thing, being crazy is what inspires me. And the things that make me crazy are the things that I can't put into words and that are really hard to express in a way that people can understand.

GW: what or who inspires you ?
jt: This is always such a hard question to answer, because everything inspires me. I can be inspired by the smallest thing like a street sign or an empty jar. Really, just everything and everyone that I see inspires me. I don't even think about it anymore, everywhere I look, I see a photo.
GW: favorite books?
jt: I don't really read much, but I loved Alice in Wonderland and can read it over and over.

GW: 4 favorite places?
jt: My favourite place is mostly lost; lost in my head, in fields, in the ocean and in the stars.

GW: What is currently on your music playlist?
jt: Amanda Palmer! and the Dresden Dolls. I'm obsessing over them lately.

GW: describe what a good winter is for you?
jt: For me, that would be a Sunday morning, where its cold and raining outside, but I'm in my warm bed, sleeping in!

GW: most prized possession?
jt: I suppose that would be my camera. I don't think I could go without taking any photos at all.

GW: what are some of your past Halloween costumes?
jt: I haven't really dressed up as anything for Halloween, but if I did, I would dress up as a different Alice in Wonderland character every year. They're all so peculiar and look like so much fun to act as.

GW: 4 things that you collect?
jt: Sugar packets, photos of sunrises from my bedroom window, empty jars and the number 52.

GW: whats your secret?
jt: To be able to make something from nothing.

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