Sunday, July 19, 2015

and then we were done ( very short stories and wonder mints)

-the devil wants to take you back to split wrists and paper money wads. $$$ living your dreams on borrowed time. I'm charging up my space ship \\\ Stuck in a rut with same ol same old. Internet hype bottled like milk. drink it up.  No expiration date.

- Maybe you'll like the taste of Robots?
   I remember when i was in school and you sat up there with your MBA in writing and said all my stories sounded like a horny teenager. But,  thats what i was....fucker. So I never grew up.  

         - This was all just and experiment. one drug for another. one distraction over next to get over you.

-my mind was always on overtime - to much oxygen to my brain. to much breathing. couldn't calm down without someone to love.  Whats it like to be the Captain of this ship?

-  A younger women on your arm is like walking around with the feeling of wearing the best clothes  and eating the best meal you could ever imagine all at once.  High Voltage is the only way i can make you understand this. 

-The devil wished he could take it all back, say it wasn't her who could not resist.  It wasn't so bad the way it was before.  He wished he never started his shit.  Look - Its a full time job, there is no end  and It's fucking exhausting.   

if it could be like this;  you would be good and i would be good  and we would be each others everything and then 
we were done.    

Sunday, July 5, 2015

We spent July at the sea and the summer seemed to last forever

whatever this desire i have to sink. 
It's when I feel my body as a vessel
speaking, thinking, thinking, thinking
always learning.
as a blanket of inked skin over bones
one day to be
burned and set out to sea.

and then light pours through 
my window and I fall into
flowers bloom - like a religon
i keep this devotion to falling in love
with every girl
i see.
and everything about money, and work
and happiness seems like
such a lie.
whatever my hands
do to keep from shaking,
Write something she
can take inside of her
and keep secret.
make another promise within
a promise
keeping thinking
skin over bone
keep looking at the tattoos on my
hands, keep hitting the keys-------snap snap snap

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Creature Fear

The doors are locked
the lights are off. 
Feeling lost without
what i miss most
getting to use
my sailor mouth.
going down.
the murky lake
of memories.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Going down on you

m staring out the window watching a plane fly over our building while the boss is pointing at pie-charts and spreadsheets. SSSSSSSSSSSSVOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!
“Sales are down. We need to make a push or (in a don’t blame me voice) corporate will start asking for head-count.”
This contradicts the fact we just added three new outside and one inside sales.  Come join us on our sinking ship? Perhaps we should give it a few months and see what happens when these guys actually put feet on the on 500 degree street.  Have I mentioned its fucking HOT is South Florida.
   Another plane makes its approach for landing its so loud it covers the robotic drone of manager rhetoric. Not like I was listening anyway. My sales have doubled since I was moved here. I’ve already begun packing for a road-trip in my head. But, the planes coming and going remind me of you. Coming and going.  I keep trying to see you again.  If you could get away- would you? Maybe you can come down here? I keep trying to find the quickest way to shore off my sinking ship.  Feel that high again. Going down on you.  Crash and burn.  

Thursday, May 14, 2015

All we do in summer

Give me
the lost
at sea dream
there are
a million  
I think back
to her
and some of
them not even
I swim through
gallons of
Salt water
for solid
Out of the sky
like a blue-bird
Write to me
your sex -swim-