Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good Winter, the happiest place on earth ?

Disney is fun, but I've seen couples get into fights right inside the supposed happiest place on earth. The soundtrack: charmingly sweet music being piped in from every direction. Music actually pushes thru from speakers in the land-scaping.
A woman throws an Mickey ice-cream bar at her husband. A push and shove in line at the Rocket Sky-lite refreshment center. Tourists I presume.
The point is...are we safe anywhere? All this rage and anger. Leave it at home. Leave it in a dark place. Don't take it with you. When all I want is a Sandwich at Lake Buena Vista, All I want is a ride on Pirates. Baby, all I want is your fine, your happy, your all day every day.....

The picture up there is Vanessa Ferlito. I first saw her in Sopranos for 2 episodes. I thought she looked like a keeper and she did end up on CSI:NY. It's cool she is one of my people: Italian.

I've only watched one DVD of note this month. It was a documentry: KING OF KONG.
I do highly recommend it if you have interest in classic video arcade games. It's basically about this guy who gets laid off from his job and starts playing an old Donkey Kong game he has set up in his garage. He wants to beat the record High score and the high score is held by another odd ball who set it way back in the 80's when he was teenager. He holds the title for Donkey Kong and a few other classic arcade games. Turns out, He lives down here in South Florida (Where I live). Anyway, the new guy beats the score. But it's disputed and then a whole big thing starts over this Donkey Kong and getting the World Record. I won't tell you more. But, It's good.http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0923752/

A saint is not ashamed of being despised, but saddened to see good counsel spurned. That life be brief does not depress him but avoidable suffering distresses him. He keeps his mind free of vain endeavors and embraces wisdom. By becoming one with the Great Unity the saint avoids the whirlpool of the mundane vanities.
- Wen-tzu

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