Sunday, December 21, 2014

how close do you remember the thunder storms?
 the snow drifts?
the parking lot -
hotel room sex?  how close do you still
keep me
in your heart?
one on one
nobody knows us
we cut the lines
we cut
hiding away- hide you away
we opened up veins - watch 
me - watch you
I want you to open for me
how close do
lie your dirty heart
you still do ?
next to me

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Try to stay around and be good
 but end up  
falling backwards   
split fire-wood to fuel the fire. 
No secret I go where I shouldn’t , look where you hide.
Here is your chance to start thinking up the lies.
Im going to
say your name like I own you
how like our 
every first time is our last time
 you and those wintery eyes
Scratchy throat 
whatever medicine in my head 
messes me up 
makes me miss 
try to stay around
we are always always