Saturday, August 29, 2015

so , how's your life ?

summer won't end here seems to last forever.  I hear about your fall, your pumpkin
spice, your winter snow. It's just something in a song to me, something on t.v.

summer won't fade here, and now I made a mess of everything. even my memories of you are just faded scars. Can't bring back the best parts i thought i knew.  It's just a jerk-off once in awhile thinking back to fucking you. I guess thats something?-  but nothing to write about.


Just because your gone -I've been an wanted man
make my self pay by working to long
by carrying a gun, drinking all night
and havin' fun-
remember the nights we used to stay up late
you taught me how to write
like this
words in the mist
words that miss
miles and miles
reflective lies 
repetitive lines 
one road
leading back
to you .   

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fists bruised punching air

The last hotel room where we met
numbers on doors
slide the key card  throw our clothes to the floor
tried to make it worth it
sex like every time is our last time

live your life with no regrets
you and your mouth
of diamonds and lies
sweet  sweet
the novelty of our age difference
the novelty of us
of no self control
against them

more so for the attention
the photos you take and let everyone see
spread yourself all over
and me
so hard not to believe
this was all for

Sunday, August 2, 2015

secrets tonight

 summer rain falling in the late afternoon. you told me you would smell the wet sheets after I left. some fucking sex you have to wash out before he gets home.  I would be driving back South and couldn't text you fast enough to say what a great time- my good time girl. we should do it again or maybe we shouldn't maybe we should stop.  how many times we tried to stop. until we did?
 the stars had to align for us to get our chances. the lies lining up with our truths. Taken hearts are far less demanding. any room will do. Rooms with numbers, rooms with clothes lying on the floor. any dark room with the door locked.  We are far more fearless and forgiving. Sailor mouths BIG on words BIG on words.