Monday, March 3, 2008

Impossible, Because you are not nice.

"Most men would rather have you hear their story than grant their wish."

Where was I on that sinking ship?
Astern? Starboard? Oh fuck.
Now I'm talking like a sailor.

I read the other day that she recognized the true meaning of the Trojan horse but no one believed her when she said the horse contained soldiers of the enemy.
Forget it.

It's like when I hear the word "gaming" my brain goes to the same place it goes when people say "country and western music"
I mean I do know what Castlevania is, and that sort of scares me

When was the last time you had butterflies in your stomach? I had to ask myself is this going to be the last age inappropriate relationship you ever have? I had to tell myself, sure I would. If she promised to wear the socks, I would bring the Zima. Don't laugh, It is a bold, tasty treat with a spark of freshness. Face it, you love me. You always will.

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