Monday, July 21, 2008

and I am no king

my girl and me, we are driving back from the flea-market, we are hot, thirsty and hungry from walking around for about an hour in the South Florida sun.
It's lunch time and she know what I really really feel like having right now? a veggie burger from BK. I wasn't even aware they sold veggie burgers and I bet her they don't have it.

I find a BK fast, it isn't hard. We go inside and there it is on the menu. VEGGIE BURGER. She wins. So I order two, one for myself, apple chips and a diet drink on the side. Okay, I didn't get the veggie burger. I can't lie. You can clearly see in the picture the wrapper says Steakhouse burger. I haven't had fast-food in over 4 months that isn't a lie. But I figured if I didn't get fries and had the apple things it wouldn't be so bad. Anyway, I'd been wanting to try the Angus beef burger. . It's $3.99 just for the burger. (the average cost of a full combo meal) but either i was extremely famished or it was well worth it. That is a tasty burger! .
She tells me her Veggie burger is wonderful too.

When I was about to order a homeless guy walks up behind me. I'm in the so called bad part of town. over where we have the giant flea-market and drive-in. He shyly asks me for a quarter and opens his dirty hand to show me he has a dollar and some change and wants some lunch.

I reach in my pocket and give him all i had left, which was a 5. His eyes lit up. He didn't have to order from the dollar menu. he thanked me over and over and then ordered an awesome lunch.

what was this feeling i was feeling? what was this warm light that was washing over me? Am I such a fucking uncaring bastard most days, that this feeling is so new to me?. I felt so unbelievable for helping someone out, making someone feel good. I felt good. I felt alive for once doing something for someone other than me. I felt like the King of fucking Burger King.

Wine of the week: EVIL. It's a ruby red Cab. hints of berry and notes of spice. I spotted it while shopping at Whole Foods Market. I have a thing for trying to find killer twist-off wines for under 10 bucks. And I quite like this one from Australia. Admittedly, I made the purchase based on it's cliche alternative name and packaging. I had it with Stuffed Peppers and Grilled Short-ribs on Sunday.
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