Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Words fall through me and always fool me

has been blogged about 200 million times by now, maybe more. But I am late on it.
I'm sorry for that. Late on the film not the music. Glen Hansard...The Frames..etc. The movie is sweet and fits the common theme of many of my other favorites.(Lost in Translation, In the Mood for love, Eternal Sunshine,) figure it out.

3rd Period:
Shoe-gaze girl sits in the back of the room, two chairs across from me. She uses words like "celestial" and " falling sky". She turns in papers written with purple ink. Glitter seems to fall from her hair, from her finger-tips, and if the sun catches her through the small class-room window her skin is like snow. I can't tell if she is awake or asleep. Sometimes, I'd like to be inside her head.

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