Monday, March 17, 2008

standing inside her doorway her green eyes reflecting sunlight

The movie I ended up watching over the weekend was INTO THE WILD (Spoilers alert) More than anything it just pissed me off. Sean Penn directed it. Yes, it was beautiful to look at, nice acting performances, and great sound-track by Eddie Vedder. Perfect fit for the film. But, If you really must know this story, read the book by John Krakauer. A spoiled 23 year-old who after college decides to give his life-savings to charity and hit the road. Free himself from the trappings of society. Good intentions but this is mostly spurred by his selfishness, Daddy issues, and parents who argued to much when he was kid? Wow. Big deal. He goes around quoting authors and books he clearly doesn't even understand. When he meets anyone who may show him any kind of friendship or love he leaves them. He hates money, yet ends up working odd jobs and at Burger King when he needs it. All to get to his final destination Alaska. Personally, I did not sympathize with the character on his self-indulgent fatal attempt to purge himself of his family baggage and discover himself. He was selfish, unprepared and died. That seems to happen to a lot of people on this planet.Everything is green today !!!.
I saw a white dog, who's owner had
dyed him green. A dog of a different color.
A collar with emerald colored plastic
Her eyes are,
the hoody I wear is,
It might be my second favorite color.
On you it looks good.
Green M&M's mean something,
That was the rumour going around school.
and then there was that time, after the long drive,
when she was waiting for me, standing inside her doorway,
green eyes reflecting the sunlight.
I think that was the day I knew................

Kelly was this girl. Irish. We went to catholic school together. years later I saw her in my public High School. She remembered me. I've always had a thing for girls with red-hair. I don't know what it is. I've dated quite a few. Married one. fiery attitudes and freckles mix. Looking good in green. I wonder if she still drinks beer. after beer, after beer. Flat tummy, swollen and make-sounds. " more beer, more beer" is what she would say.
That hair though, the fucking hair, flowing and so like fire through my fingers. I thought of carrots and ravens and strawberries. More like strawberries.

I asked Kelly out my Senior year but she said "no thanks" She thought I was strange and couldn't understand why I would even asked her in the first place. " We are so different"
"yeah, but I like red-heads" I thought that was answer enough. Cause enough. Just enough.
She wouldn't though. She ended up writing something sassy in my year book as I tried to pluck out some of her hair so that I could fold it between the pages. I guess I am pretty strange.

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