Sunday, May 29, 2011

dream within a dream within a .....

These words are open mouth kisses and legs spread wide.  make me hard. make me weep. send me your letters of discontent. blunt force trauma. i want you one very first last time. you have two fingers. give me one and wear my ring. two hands. he has one I hold the other. one heart. penetration. you are in my head.

I wasn't sleeping . I read. A flash-light sits beside my bed. I've started a thousand books. books  in stacks on the floor. My note-pad and a pen.
I draft the type of characters that one would dream up in the middle of the night:

'He is a teacher. He teaches creative writing. She is his student. He has never had a best-seller, he writes a blog under a fake name. He likes her, but she isn't his first. He always waits. She said she would wait until she was 18 and that was in May. He wanted to wait until she graduated. she couldn't wait. He told her he didnt want to do everything. "everything?" at least until she was out of his class. in college or something. He knew the window of opportunity was closing. It wouldnt be exciting. summer. His wife. His charming home. Writing alone at his old wooden desk. one word than two. another and more. nothing.
She met him at the hotel. he texted her the room number then deleted the exchange. They both would write about this. She laid on the bed. He told her to pretend she was alone. "show me what you do when youre alone and need cock."  He had never spoke like that to her. Never said the word "cock" so graphic.this was blunt force trauma. their fantasy. "we can't do everything" he reminded her. She wore a skirt and light blue buttoned down blouse. she sat up on the side of the bed. He was in a chair. she leaned back and spread her legs apart. she pulled her undies aside and rubbed her pussy. shaved. she was close to half his age. He  unbuttoned his pants, pulled out his dick. breathing. air conditioner hum. she watched him. he watched her. moans. she looked at him. offering. He was close to losing it. full of cum he is  liable to to anything and he knows it. just cum..just cum and things will go back to normal. he got up and walked over to the side of the bed. He slide her panties down,  they were wet in his hand. He held them in one hand and stroked his dick with the other. just ....He orgasms in a thick stream, shooting one, two, three times. On her thigh. she moans. her face is flush. watery eyes. maybe she came. maybe she didn't. He goes to the sink and gets a hand-cloth, runs  it under the water. He cleans off her thigh and lays beside her on the bed. no words. both staring at the popcorn ceiling. the she told him it was intense. that she wanted to feel him inside her so bad. she whispered about college and her latest boyfriend. He thought she was a decent writer. but what can you do with that? He touched her skin. delicate. he thought about taking his wife on vacation. He thought about other fantasies he's had lately. then he removed the rest of her clothes, took off his and told her to get on the covers. they were naked and she could feel how warm his skin was. it was the start of summer.

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