Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A supposedly fun thing I'll never do again

     I bought this new shave gel and the fragrance instantly takes me back years ago when I was vacationing with my ex. We were young and crazy and somewhere in the subtropics. Costa Rica. surfing and fishing, drinking and fucking. I brought along our video camera that recorded on 8mm video tape. she did some of the dirtiest things. I figured why not marry the slut and it wouldn't really be married since we are way over here and we live way over there. It didn't count. Just the honeymoon and sunshine and drinking and kissing other girls and the things you did in the men's bathroom. . 
The smell of this Nivea shave gel brings it all back and gets me hard. it makes me want to go searching the box in the back of the closet for the tapes. Problem is, the camera died years ago, I have no way to play them. It's comforting just knowing I have them. It's not good revisiting shit like that anyway. memories of a forgotten youth. Whores in love in a foreign country living out a fantasy or two. every time I shave my face I hear Spanish guitar and waves crashing, I see moonlight and think of the couple we went home with from that crazy dive bar. Slow dancing. Your lit cigarette and quiet promises. I wonder where the fuck you are. And does it still count?

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