Friday, May 20, 2011

when the right things aint easy

       Before i left for work i checked her water dish to see if it needed filled. The bowl wasn't there because she's no longer here and it's going to be difficult getting used to. It was the right thing to do for her, i have no doubt. I couldn't selfishly keep her here just because id miss the breathing and sleep twitch. She was 15, had a pretty killer dog life. but was getting worse and worse and i wasn't going to let her suffer. I had my vet, she comes right to the house, it was peaceful.  i put on her favorite chill music.

I've had dogs for the last 17 years and now none. On the way home for lunch i mashed down on the accelerator eager to get home to check on her as i do everyday. call her name, let her out, give her a treat,  pet. pet. pet.

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