Thursday, June 2, 2011


   All thanks to the magical I-pad I've been geeking out on comic books lately. or is that nerding out? do you geek out if youre a gamer? (which i am not) and nerd out if you're bookish and comic booky, like me? I don't know but it's been super swell getting back into comics again.
   I purchased the app ComicZeal4   ,  its pricey for an app 7.99 but worth every penny as it' s changed the way i will forever view comics. I still enjoy supporting my local comic-shop, check out all the latest vinyl toys, low-brow art, the racks and racks of colorful books, and scope out hot geek girls.
   I have to say IMO, comics were made to be viewed on I-pad or other reader type device. This is exactly what comics needed. You have to see it for yourself to understand,  and this coming from someone who prefers "real" books to ebooks. though i do have my fair share..I use Calibre ( I highly recommend this free program if you have a reader of any kind., It converts most files into the type you're reader can read then lets you transfer the book to your device). Yes, Its one of those things that can be used for good (you may purchase ebooks from various sources direct for the best price it finds for you on the net) but It is essentially for bad, as you can also easily pirate ebooks from sharing sites (such as piratebay, eebookee, etc.)  download them to Calibre, convert and transfer, in all of 3 minutes time.  With the Comic App you can do the same, only you transfer to the app through I-tunes. But, again, i do still support comic shops in purchasing other items and graphic novels. What i think most people owning reader devices find troubling is that book publishers want 10 or more dollars for books, which are only file transfers of text. no production, binding, or trees destroyed. and that seems very little discount. You get a no frills book, music, comic...(all items of which in the real world you can share, copy, borrow from library, whatever)  yet they aren't willing to cut you a break.
    Why do apps sell so well? people love them because they are .99 cents, maybe 2.99 and  you get much more bang for the buck, not to mention they improve and update them constantly free. I'm not trying to justify piracy, I'm just saying.

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