Monday, May 16, 2011

do you like getting dirty teXt messages?

I'm from the generation just before Internet. From just after the fall out of 70's swingers and cb radios to the  apocalypse of divorce. From isolation to connection. Music on vinyl records to the 8 track to cassette tape to compact disc to mp3. the Ipod.  Beta-max video recorders, to vhs, laser disc,  and dvd.
From three local TV channels, tin foil and rabbit ears to OnTV, HBO, ESPN, DirecTV, tivo, Dvr, 60" high definition flat screens. holy shit.
    OMG.dont forget LOL (but thats getting ahead of myself)  The car phone as big and brown as a brick, beepers, cell phones,  text messaging,  and cam.  Overload. Give me back my comic books and flashlight under the covers. but I'm not scared. not really. I was young and looking for anyway to get off and all this new unsupervised time alone with my books was great , but then HBO after dark.  "The Hitchhiker," 'walking a lonely road where terror awaits around every curve. Walk with him, and you'll find yourself in some very dark places...places you wouldn't want to visit alone. That's why he's there. That's why he's always there. He won't hold your hand - but he'll make sure the only ones who get hurt are those who deserve to.'  
    I'm  from riding my bike 8 miles to the flea market just to pick up back issues of Penthouse magazine,  to now having instant porn,  to chat rooms, love@aol, instant messaging, livejounal, craigslist, myspace, tumblr, twitter,  it's everyone, everything - here and now at my finger tips. There is virtually nothing i cant know or have. there isn't a kink or fantasy i cant fulfill with the like minded. Yes, it turns out there are people out there just like me, with similar tastes in art and music and fucking. maybe you? love isn't any easier, never was never will be, but damn if we cant email or text to meet up in some shady motel on the side of highway 1. and damn if i cant place my zappos order for the 25th pair of sneakers i don't need.
The something different is the isolation that i once had and sometimes still crave and at other times don't want to be anywhere near again. i like the unknown and i like the silent moments between them. the sunshine at the end of my street. i like for you to tell me i can have you - if i wanted, if i were closer. oh,  the secrets we keep. and ending the chaos, all this mind fuck pretty picture overload is as simple as shutting it off, saying goodbye. stop writing, stop posting, stop staring at those little icons, stop dreaming, stop ......but now that we've made it this far, who can do that?  promise me thrills, I'll promise you jet-packs.  

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