Tuesday, May 13, 2008

love is a scar that never heals

It won't rain here. I mean, it will (someday) but it hasn't for weeks. When it doesn't rain in Florida everything starts looking brown. trees and grass dry out. Fires start up easily in the Everglades. The swamps, canals and river beds dry up. I drive to work daily in a light haze and the smell of smoke. There is fire. and it's close by. they suspect arson.

My front yard has turned all brown. We are all on water-restrictions so I can only water it two days a week. It's not enough to sustain it's thirst. I have my doubts global abuse of the ozone layer is the cause. That's what everyone is saying though. Everyone is turning "green". It's the new big thing to distract us from the troops abroad and spending billions of our dollars. Blood for Oil? I think fucking NOT. Blood for money. Did you enjoy your 600 dollars?

"They" predicted more hurricanes for us this season. I personally find them rather exciting. It's nice to be forewarned of an upcoming possible disaster. Compared to earth quake or tornadoes. no warning. They scare me. but I like the chaos and fear a hurricane brings in the days leading up to it. I like the local media's sky is falling reaction.the panic it stirs up. You can feel it in the air.

back to the no rain thing: All i can say is that my life is pretty strange...

It's been the same since I was a kid. Doesn't rain for weeks and then all it does is rain. Somehow the universe knows. It takes care of itself. I remember the floods. Getting to stay home from school. Taking surfboards and inflatable rafts to the park to float around in the river that once was a soccer field. My friend. She got ring-worm from tromping through dirty water puddles. After about a week. The mosquitoes are fierce because of all that standing water. the city would send out trucks to spray down the neighborhood. all the kids from my block , including me would get behind the truck and run through the smokey spray (poison). the damage is done.

I dreamed about tornadoes again last week. Before that major storm system came through the Southern U.S. and killed several people. I'm not saying I am a seer or anything. not a prediction. Just I dreamed of being in a car traveling down a highway and 5 or 6 funnels formed and chanced us. Odd thing is there have never been very many tornadoes touching down in South Florida. In fact I've never been in nor have I ever seen one up close in my entire life. I

fun fact: I've never seen or been in snow either.


treespotter said...

stumbled here on a random surfing... great writing, and impressive photos. are those yours?

Christian said...

thanks. the majority of photos and art are taken from around the web, and a few are mine. I try to credit or link any known owners. If not here then on my Tumblr page. (see my links) which is even more photo and art intensive. thanks again for reading and looking.