Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Wheels and Bikes

I recently borrowed a few old photo albums from my Mom. From time to time you are going to have to see me chronicle my life. cause this is what you do in blogs and this is what you do when you are a few years shy of turning 40. i guess. Maybe someone will relate to the 70's-80's clothes and cars and bikes or whatever. If you want to send me, you, as a kid wearing or doing something rad. that would be cool. I remember struggling to reach the pedals. I was short and skinny and pretty much either the smallest or 2nd smallest kid in my class. So my parents bought me bikes and things that i had to GROW into. See.. I wore plaid. plaid. plaid. how much plaid can a kid wear? This is my birthday. I hope that explains the buckle shoes?. I am six and it's 1977. my favorite band is KISS and my favorite
TV show is Planet of the Apes. I still didn't know how to ride a bike yet. Learning on the giant
"green hornet" as I came to call it. wasn't pretty. my pants got caught up in the chain about 1000 times. scrapped knees, ripped pants, a few tears. It was the girl across the street who finally taught me to how to ride without falling off. she called me a baby for having training wheels. So, I went home got my dads tools out of the shed and took them off. I got in trouble for messing with my Dad's tools, but the girl actually ended up holding the bike steady for me until I got the hang of it. She ended up being the first girl i ever kissed. I mean check out the ride. Banana seat, sissy bar, all that chrome. who could resist. or maybe it was the plaid.

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Mir said...

Old school.
Oldest picture I have of myself, just so happens my dad's in the photo too. My mom definitely made the feathered macramé plant holder.