Monday, April 7, 2008

Nessarose's ruby slippers

But it was those striped-socks that always got to me. So I went to see my other girlfriend the wicked-witch of the East. I wondered what she looked like (before the barn incident). I knew she was the pretty one. Elphaba (her sister) being green and all. Misunderstood. I suppose that is the theme of WICKED. I had purchased pre-sale tickets back in December. It was well worth the wait to see now in April. It seemed tailor made for me. Always the Wizard of Oz fan. Always thought Dorthy was a whiny little brat. I was glad to see The Witch finally getting her due. The play is based on the book of the same name. I'd hate to tell you what it is about, because it's really great to be surprised and there are many. If you liked Wizard of Oz and it's characters. You must see it. I can only say that if it comes to your town, Do whatever it takes to get tickets. I enjoyed it even more than I thought i would. I'd see it again and probably one more time after that.

I knew a girl who had a wonderful cat. A fluffy bunny cat - shiny black with big green eyes and when i asked - she told me the cats name was Elphaba. I thought what strange name. She never explained that was also the Wicked Witch of the Wests name. I found out much much later.
After she was just a ghost of a girl I once had kissed. I could hardly remember the taste of her mouth. But I do remember the smell of her room. Laundry soap and candles. How hard it was to let her go. How I thought we ruined each other for anything normal ever after.
Maybe she assumed I knew about the name. I wasn't passing off as an expert in the world of Oz. She was the first girl who I ever saw wear striped socks to bed though. It wasn't just magic potions. I didn't put two and two together. Striped socks and witches or the picture of a barn on her night-stand. I am often a step behind. Often take things for granted as to what they are. Not what they really are. I was surely bewitched and that little girl wasn't fucking joking when she called me Tin-Man either.

Spring cleaning over the weekend. I mean like floors and windows and ceiling fan blades. Entirely new bathroom decor and some kitchen pretties. The little scrubby guys and cutting board above. From Target'. Have that bright vinyl toy look. I expected to see Limited Edition written on the tags. Because everything nowadays are L.E. aren't they? I guess that's supposed to make us feel special. Individual. The special snowflake. Hey, don't worry you are to me. Anyway pink Octopus is awesome any day.

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