Monday, January 14, 2008

One & Done

I'm sorry If I ever got any by-standers involved with following my Dallas Cowboys.
My passion for them has been recorded.
I'm sorry if they make you think of me and I'm sorry if you are sorry for me today.
(If you are laughing- FU)

Really though,
One and done? . My heart was ripped out. (again)
I want to not care. In a few days or weeks I probably won't as much.

All my rituals, my superstitions. Yes, it's true I didn't wash my "lucky" Cowboys shirt all season. 13-3. Before the playoffs. Not enough to erase the Jessica Simpson curse I guess. Why does our QB take a trip to Mexico with her before the big game? He knew the media would follow his every move. Can't find a good taco in Texas? I don't believe it.
Did I expect at the start of the year they'd only lose 3 games? No. I had fun watching so many wins. Unexpected.
NFC East Champions. Number one seed and home-field thru the playoffs. I thought I was dreaming. I started to believe. We (They) held all the cards.

But, yesterday happen. I woke up and my heart was missing. I am numb.
They lost in an unspectacular fashion. The Giants whom we beat twice during the regular season, did nothing special. We did nothing at all. Choked.

Today, I was streaming the Cowboys official flag-ship station out of Texas. Listening to the woulda and coulda's. The Coach had a press-conference filled with excuses. It was criminal. Bringing up they had a good season being 13-3 and had improved from last season. But really they didn't. They lost the first game in the playoffs last year too. To me, it's still losing.

Broken hearts......and right at the start of 2008. Oh well, things don't start getting good until after the end of January anyway.

The picture up top is from over this past weekend. A day before my nightmare. I am having family over more often now that my dog is gone. Am I saying as a replacement to my pets? Well, he was my best-friend.
But, really I didn't have many people over when my dog was sick for the past year.
So, my sister and her girlfriend came over for some sashimi\sushi and to watch a movie. (Stardust) If you haven't seen STARDUST it's pretty good if you are into fairy-tales.

Obviously, I am. I thought the Cowboys had a chance to make it to the Super Bowl.

"The future you have tomorrow won't be the future you had yesterday" - from the book RANT by Chuck Palahniuk

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