Monday, January 28, 2008

From Scratch

I went to go GOGGLE a home-made recipe for blue-berry muffins.

Listing Came up: all NEW PHOTOS of Muffin Tops
and another asking would I like to see" HOT GIRLS sweet MUFFINS? "
Well, Yes. yes I would.
But I would also like to make my muffins.
A simple recipe will do.
Those Strawberry Shortcakes smelled good for the boys and I would sneak into my sisters room so that I could sniff them.
Inhale and close my eyes.. Would any girl ever be able to hold a candle to Blue Berry Muffin or Raspberry Tart?
Was I forever to be in search of a girl who would smell like baked goods? Was I ruined.
Is it my fault that when I started to go to the flea-market years later I ended up finding old dolls in the piles of toys for sale. And many of them even after all those years, still had their smell. So I bought one, then two and then found myself with an entire collection.

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