Friday, January 11, 2008

Like dirty sex forcing a change of sheets

It wasn’t as easy as getting the semen stains off my Star Wars sheets. Vintage ones mind - you.
Because, I don’t know what respectable person would even mention the latest 3 movies in the same breath as the first . Much- less purchase the sheet sets. Much less admit to owning them.
These are from the original Star Wars. I am proud of that. Even more so to having found them at a local flea-market. Appearing to be never used. (can you say- mint condition) .
In the hallway closet: It’s not like I don’t have the Empire and Jedi’s neatly folded and awaiting a turn to be soiled.

It was going to be difficult. But not impossible. After all these were the ones that she told me
"Any boy over the age of 12 wouldn’t still be sleeping on".
But truth be told it wasn't all that hard to get her back up against them.
Much less the fact she wasn’t even born when any of the first three movies came out. Much less the fact ...what makes her the expert on men’s bedding anyway? (except I’m sure she’s been on her share of them) damn my inner voice..
I have to admit when she was face down staring Chewbecca in the face, I got a little to excited by the humiliation factor of it all. A hard smack on the ass while giving Han a quick wink or a thumbs-up to Darth as I pulled her hair. Give that Imperialist wench what-for. He seemed to be saying in between his heavy breathing. Most likely really mine.

"Don’t get Cocky kid".
An appropriate movie quote as her sweat falls on the Wookie.
And maybe it was wrong. Maybe it’s as she said.
"It’s okay to grow up and have a big- boy room"

I thought:
Maybe it’s even okay to have a big- boy BLOG too? After so many years of friends, lies, lovers and muses on Live-journal.
It wasn’t easy. And here is the real-life analogy - I am pulling off the old sheets and re-designing the bedding and bath with Nate Berkus’ finest.
As for the Blog? Here it is. New. Different. But I promise it will feel good. I promise more truth and I promise more lies.
The boy in me says..never grow up and the girl in me says.."glitter- glitter, stickers, rainbows" . But that’s another story.
My name is Christian
and this

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