Monday, December 28, 2015

Back to song writing

trust fund:

-Got the long beard and PBR
but thats not who we are
more than these skinny jeans,
thrift-store boots
vintage guitars-
Chrous- cuz long beards
come on baby girl,
let's selfie our tattoos then head out to
the local bar

-If you check me out online
Ill talk about
going down
because thats the thing to do
these days-
Chorus- Long beards - PBR 
North, South , East,West
we are taking over
your whole fucking town
-Coffee drinking
beanie wearing
Lana Del rey can kick your
sorry ass son of bitch
oh gosh golly neck and hand tattoos -  you'll go far
pussy eating 
pizza loving
shitty music listening
as long as we don't admit it
they won't know , wont know
Grew out a long beard-  money for PBR

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