Sunday, December 13, 2015

We could be magic , but..........

Lotta ink and a name like
self proclaim
promote, to what end?
or I could just shut up and get back to the mountain
but what fun is
a blank space
when you should be in

givin head to girls
is like something new?
or is it every jack rod guy just has to do
whatever the latest thing is it they are supposed to
now he is gonna hate on those couple pics that get a million likes
you know the ones with tattoos and skinny bitches entwined

in a bed or bath tub
but go ahead.  "life goal" it all you want
a self respectful gentlemen
fighting off the thirsty
but breaks the rules
for hungry, and 
when did 
BIG ass become a franchise?
Im going to put my words through a harmonizer
so you like
me better. 
everything once haunted
is now out in the open

boring and exposed
when secrets are no longer
then we are only left with

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