Friday, June 20, 2014

Bird who couldn't fly

Lov Sum er : 

We will meet get it over with and never speak of it again.. or we’ll pine like lovers lost in the dark fumbling around with wishes and wonders of fools. We start again and stop and you run and I hide and we lie and finally finally it’s done.

I play the mystery in my head a million times and million times I’ll make the excuse to key-stroke the letters to where ill know to find you. Your words and photos tear through my screen. I want those words to be for me, the pictures you take to impress him. Faded bruises I see on your neck - they used to be mine. You were my vacation. Fists and fireworks burning through this endless summer.

Bargain my time on craigslist:

I’ve left you alone.Time heals, true. but never forgets.
I'd drag you to bed if that were all enough. Tell me what is never enough?
Dear you-
Do you want to get off the leash and on to mine for a little while?
Let me know if you're DTF sometime later next week. I’ll make it rough. Like you
want. Like you need. 

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