Thursday, June 12, 2014

Started writing an email at work but ended up writing this and sending it to myself instead

Chapter one: 

They shut the internet down and no one will know me. This isn’t a fear it’s the truth. Now I write in notebooks and leave them lying around town, I spray paint stencils on walls. I'm used to putting myself out there. I'm used to at least a small amount of attention. I'm sure you are too.  

Speaking with people face to face is the new art. I’m not good at it.  Say, the butcher cuts the wrong sized portion of flank steak, I just smile and take it. I end up hiding the bloody mess behind a box of Apple Jacks. What? .... I didn’t want it. I don't even eat meat. 

We still have our phones and they say they will let us have those at least until all the satelites crash down to earth. But, im not good on the phone either. Ive been told I sound lethargic and bored. I say “Probably just bored. You bore me”. I don’t really  mean it.  The grid is falling apart it's in shambles. in a word. It's fucked. and so is the economy or that matter. But, youll be glad to know im getting on without internet girlfriends. Without of those kinds of "friends" at all. 

What im  having to do is meet girls through my drawings on backs of match-book covers.  Call me. I write and then toss them behind abandoned buildings and in front of the shelters. What im trying to say is , I miss the internet, but not as much as I miss you. 

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