Sunday, July 6, 2014

We go We Stop We don't stop


All interpretation, all psychology, all attempts to make things comprehensible, require the medium of theories, mythologies, and lies.

- Herman Hesse

Getting out of town mid-week to a place where I can look out see the ocean. Salt in my hair warm breezes. Drinks with umbrellas. Drinks with just ice. I'm still without a camera since the beach incident. Lens wont open nothing works. I may go with a water-proof outdoor type when I rustle up enough info and money. Just when I was starting to get into it again. Guess it wasn't meant to be. For now.

Got a call out of the blue from a competing company. As of late many, by many I mean ALL of our outside sales reps have jumped ship and left to work for competition. Typical coporate moves that have gone awry has weakend sales and day to day account service has suffered. Anyway I was offered a job with a competitor who hired the outside guy I worked with and built up accounts with. I turned it down.They only offered to match my salary. I cant see moving for the same money when ive invested over two years building my reputation. A few of my biggest accounts went over to the other side. Fine. I see them coming back at some point. Least that is what im hoping. I cant figure out the direction of this company but im there for now. Least until they turn out the lights.




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