Friday, October 14, 2011

Forty-Two - Audience of One

Nothing ever fits. make wish. blow out candles. eat cake. it's sweet. life is sweet. It's fruit punch swallowed with bitter pills. i choke.I drown. but this place revolves. it spins on axis. evolve. come and go. Stay. Stay the night. Stay forever. Be the fucking ghost i talk to in my sleep.

Nothing fits. Over the years  I've grown out of my shoes and shirts and lovers. nothing fits  forever. body parts deceived us because they feel so good. sliding in and out. In and Out. like breathing. it's dirty tricks. it's trick or treat. Our heart beats one on top of other. the warmth, the salvation, the words. We mean well,  then we are just plain mean. we say.... at some point, "we just don't fit".  so, maybe we try, maybe we even stay.  Just our bodies. Hey,  tell me where your mind lives?

I thought of you. how we are just pieces of this puzzle. Every year i make a wish. I set things straight with myself. I know how it works. Wait. then wait more. it's almost finished. Turn the last piece this way and that. Force it. love me. Settle in. Perfect fit.

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