Thursday, October 20, 2011

different at night

maybe the night and something different. i waited for her call, her laugh, her fall.  maybe because of the cool October air. so how about tonight?  black cats and candles. we laugh, we fuck , we get high. maybe i leave marks. maybe he'll ask how you got those bruises on your neck.
she says,  maybe it won't last.and why do you only say i love you when you're inside me?  but that's all elementary. like the beginning and end. like how its easy to groove to this song. the start and stop. maybe this time we meet behind our lovers back. or maybe we are those lovers.
I talk to much in the dark. I say the things i should keep secret...I've never believed as much as i do now,  anything is possible. and she says where did that sad boy i knew once, go? I was inside you. say yes....nothing ever really ends. the devil comes and gets what's due.  

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