Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Permanent Sleep

Growing up I was always visiting my grandparents in the hospital. One or the other. My sister and i sat patiently in the waiting room. We brought coloring books from home and were given money for the vending machine. Candy and hospital smell. I hate the smell of hospital. The smell of sick.
I got older and it was still always one or the other, now I was allowed to visit in the room. The smell was worse here and all those tubes and bliping machines. There were straws in plastic cups, nurses came in and said hello. My grandparents always seemed to know them by name. I would watch the t.v. bolted to the wall. Mostly it was always turned to the local news. ” the local weather today is 77 and sunny” Pale room with sterile light. Hospital after hospital. visiting. waiting. one or other. First was Grandma then Grandad not long after.
Oddly, both of them died at home.

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