Monday, March 7, 2011

i follow rivers

 (I found this Canon AE-1 camera, telephoto lenses, filters and other accessories for 14 bucks at the thrift-store. Old school 35mm and works perfectly. I won't lie, I'm a  huge fan of digital cameras and photo editing the result. I might even like the photo-editing part best of all.  I used  FX Photo Studio  app on my I-pad to process the photo above. That said , I respect the art, patience and knowledge of those using the manual settings of a film camera and getting cool effects naturally. I'm looking forward to learning this camera a little bit, take a few rolls of film, let the joy and nostalgia course my veins.) 

gold hearts
and breezes
this isn’t what i
fist fights
big dogs
little cats
big lies
big dicks
my heart on a sleeve
hopeless romantics
and work
all day
all day
on the couch
t.v.- radio.
gold hearts and the price of oil
the price of a diamond ring
just know
you are not

What you can and can’t do. Go. I had love and fear holding me back. A good job, mad love, my favorite team. There was luck in this town and superstition. Maybe it left when you did. The job, the money and the good times Charlie. But there are good songs left to share and wine and smokes and I’ve stayed up half the night writing - my fingers are numb. I could probably work harder and make a few bucks, relieve half my so called troubles. Love wont keep me warm at night. All this chopping wood and carrying water. All this health amongst the sick and weary.  nothing to keep me from running. The moon will glow and the sun will rise and fall. Wherever you are, wherever you go it’s the same. I know this. Streets with different names, shadows on higher walls, whispers from ghosts. What you can and can’t do. let the dust settle. Then go.

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