Monday, March 28, 2011

Bruises to prove it

what didn't fade with time
faded from distance
features in the rear-view
i looked at your house
waving and smiling
your door already closed

funny this blood connection
our chemical crush, our holy ghosts,
atoms, particles, cells, bones
funny how you say you love him
when you don't
im sorry about
our  fury
of mistakes

i clench my teeth at night
ball my fingers into fists
i read ancient scriptures
searching for the answers
in fables and parables, in allegories
the language of women and children 

it's the missing you
part - i hadn't counted on
the variable - the ghost 
i figured in for additions and subtractions
the lovers and passing of the moon
the  placement of diamond rings 
 time + distance + blood type 
the subset of X 
add it up
nothing between us
has ever


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