Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poetry is not a luxury, it's how I'll break this home

a burning black witch candle
from halloween.
I play our sad music
we are in the dark cutting out
paper hearts.
be careful not to slip
be careful not to cut me deep.
go on and say something you don't really
or you do mean
or you are mean for saying it.

listen to me
ramble in the darkness about
my secret love affairs
about a heart that stopped beating.
about being broken.
I'll tell you about what it took for me
to pull myself back together.
how hard it was
how long it takes
how fun and necessary
and how much it taught me.

barely breathing
i focus my eyes on the moon
on snow
on blood
blood on the snow
those are just lyrics,
things i write for you and things i felt for you.
I pull the blanket up over our chests.
it's cold tonight.
have you forgotten me yet? have you ever gotten over it?
I call to you in my mind as if you can hear me
and maybe you do. Sometimes i think you do.
like now.
like always.

when i hear your name.
I buzz like power-lines.

i use my mouth. I use it all over your skin. I use it up and down and i taste honey and stars. I want to know your body and how can i know it if i don’t lick you head to toe?
she says "stop. you' re gonna eat me" and i say "but baby, you taste so good."

when i was a kid i put things in my mouth. I tasted paste and the barrette from Becky's hair. It fell on the floor and she didn’t notice me pick it up. After school i took it from my pocket and put it to my nose and it smelled so good. Strawberries. It tasted like dirt - mixed with strawberries.

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