Sunday, February 8, 2015

What mistakes?

Whatever that is:

I want to come up there
kiss you on you your Mid-West
smart mouth
and have
winter sex with you.

Like a worn in t-shirt:

turned out my favorite
was you
and I keep wanting to wear
over and over.

Like a glove:

I know we fit.
doesn't matter im
so much - well, slightly older-
with sometimes scratchy beard

faded tattoos
mixed with the new
ones we collect
like the bruises
 I give to you .
We have some kind of chemicals
or maybe its your ass
I just want to spank
and tell you
things, like how I fit into you.
and that we are drugs
and summer
and winter snow
and this sounds like bullshit
but its our
it's our starry night
when all of sudden
all our nothings

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