Sunday, February 1, 2015

One Fathom above Sea level

    Here is what happens-  The flu kicks my ass the last week of the new year. I lacked interest in writing,  jerking off, working out, scrolling and scrolling through your stuff to hopefully see that pic of you that turns me on- so, 
..all the things I normally love so much.
I miss Creeping her.

 But, like a good Sea-monster soldier. Like a vampire. I live again. I changed the names on my blogs out of being bored. Something nautical and that makes more sense to the direction of where I live and swim and breathe. I'm sick of being a fathom above sea-level. Its time to get back in the dirt. Underwater.

I filed my Taxes today- I decent return and all the money is going into Road-trips, adventures and tattoos.  This years philosophy is to stop buying things and start buying experiences. I have several ideas of where I want to go and a few Tattoo artists in each region. Just have to see how the timing of the bookings work in relation to where and when Ill be.    

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