Saturday, December 28, 2013

I wont play your song until you get here

Where the good life starts
 with a smile and beer and they way we used to feel. do you remember all those used to feels?  she slides into her slip- on shoes purchased on her last trip to Mexico. She starts to think of all the boys who used to whistle and honk their horns when she walked down the side walk.
While the good life starts without me Ive waited for the bus to school and I waited for the lights to change and Ive waited for you.
Oh i have waited and waited and i have passed the time singing in my car, praying to the gods, i have passed my time jerking off and playing games.
the good life starts when you want it to and no sooner or later
it starts when you hold her hand or let her go. when you start over or go back. The good life isn't memories what you did yesterday. its today right now, its every day.  come live the good life. come and slip down into your shoes and  walk and walk and shine and walk some more.
I want you to tell me when your good life starts. I want to be there when you finally remember those used to feels. and you smile and you offer me a beer and we drink and we wait- for the good life.  

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