Sunday, January 6, 2013

Warm sticky wet

When you held to close the words i say , but isn't that what we do. I thought youd always be around but you never stayed. Isn't that what we say. Im hungry, im tired. I'm restless. Im gonna go watch Sasha Grey.

Another time my cock is so deep. I tell her i love her. Mistake. I cum. Mistake. She scratched me. She left scratches. I left a bruise that her boyfriend noticed. We open the windows so the lies might fly out.

Blood is the only truth. Sometimes Its so hard to keep inside of me. I know it belongs there. Full of sin, full of promises, full of her poison. The potential in every drop. Blood doesnt lie. Its for the living. It runs deep. We spill it for the most heroic and the most stupid of reasons.


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