Wednesday, February 1, 2012

not just yet

what's the right thing to do. I usually go into deep meditation or pray or go punch the heavy bag out in the garage when searching for an answer. I should have been working today. I took a job, the money was good. but I was curious about the "other" job and already had a 2nd interview scheduled. It was one I went for first. I used contacts and friends to put in a good word when i saw there was an opening. I worked it hard, but I wasn't sure how much they were offering. I had to know. So, I showed up for 2nd interview and wouldn't you know the offer was just as good +.
Now i had two good offers. Different opportunities. Nothing wrong with either. One is a much closer drive and has benefits. Ive never had benefits at any job. never had vacation pay, a 401k.

I was sold and then went home and wrote a letter- something to the effect-  "after much consideration I have decided to take another job offer." so,,yeah i wont be showing up tomorrow like i said i would.
I get rejection letters for employment everyday. and here i am turning a decent paying job down?

I'm waiting for paperwork now. I got an informal offer yesterday and I informally agreed. Now it goes through HR and they send out a "formal" offer, i sign and the process begins. I was told it takes about a week. Meanwhile, Im still not working. Im waiting for this formal letter. what if it doesnt come? I turned down the sure thing job. I could be starting this shit all over again. Fuck. The other place was nice about my letter, wrote back for me to call them if it doesn't work out. And holy shit what if i have to?

I went for the best choice based upon the facts i was given. I assumed they were serious about formally offering me the job. I mean why have me come in for a 2nd interview and then go over how much they were offering ? maybe this is a classic case of me thinking to much. I should be enjoying my time off knowing i have a good job secured, its just corporate red-tape. and like always, like everything. the wait. 

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