Sunday, February 19, 2012

long days and her baby blues

I thought id write songs for you, start wars for you. I thought id kill the dime a dozen off and then we last forever. I started something and never finished and so you went and found diamonds and gold and baby powder. I'm up at night working out the details of this simple math. working out the word choices and project solutions. we still have penetrating line vibrations. x is y. why?
we still have soul.

First week of work down. There is dust on my boots and the hills and sands are behind me. Had to work a full day Sunday, I'm happy for the OT. I could use the money. Good wine isn't cheap. But where has my time gone? Where has my freedom went? No reading, no writing, no downloading comics. No mix tapes. 
Figures i start the week they plan to change the entire computer system out by the following Monday. I wasted a week floundering trying to learn the archaic system they were using and now we go live with a complete Ferrari of a system tomorrow. Ive had about an hour of training on it. I soaked up as much as i could Sunday. The computer manager they sent from Maryland to stay with us for the week while we adjust to the new system bought us lunch from a mom and pop sub shop down the street. It was then i first revealed to my co-workers i was vegetarian and would be ordering the eggplant sub. (which was amazing). They didnt seem to expect any different from me,  I am slightly bearded up and wearing glasses. My glasses only because i have a slight infection in my right eye due to my contacts. I got a prescription on Saturday for drops that cost me 50 bucks and that was with using my insurance scripts card. The drops are normally 120 dollars!!! its the smallest bottle of drops ive ever seen.
Its  85 degrees here tonight in South Florida. Things are heating up. This week should be interesting. 

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