Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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drip,drip,drip. oil leaking from my Honda Element. not a lot, annoying enough.the little adds up and soon.....
i brought her to be fixed and they put her up on the lift and did their thing and told me she's all better. I drive her for a few days, a week, a little rough at times, because you have to put her through the paces. keep everyone honest.  through puddles, past stars, and the reflections of stars, neon, road kill, street lights. past the moon and the sun. above and below. you know how the earth spins? don't you.

One night I get home and drip. drip. drip. drops of oil on my garage floor. not fixed. leaking the blood of cars. I've crawled under, burnt myself on pipes and all that hot shit metal under there. I've spent countless obsessive hours wiping the outside of the oil pan clean, up to the cam shaft, crank case, hoses, bolts, seals. I cant barely fit under there, and this is why i brought her somewhere to be fixed. someone else touching her gears and fiddling with her insides. Oil leaking from the same place they supposedly fixed it. -  at least that's the way it looks to me. im on the dirty floor peering under with a flashlight. axle grease,  her blood on my hands, grease under my finger nails. her life source. oil, grease, fuel, lubrication. her juice. drip drip drip.

I converted  my old 1st generation Bose Soundock into a wireless speaker system for Ipad. After i made the sinister move and purchased the wonderfully magical Ipad. I got to thinking - how the fuck am i going to play my itunes music?  all that music i steal test. I mean my soundock was great for the little i-pod but it doesnt even have an aux jack to plug it into the headphone slot, so now what? the Ipad is huge, it wont fit.
I came across a blog (because you can find the answer to almost ANY question on the net). Turns out it's easy, you buy this for a mere 20 bucks Sprint-Bluetooth-Receiver w/ dock connector
plug it into the dock connector, set your magical ipad settings to Bluetooth ON.. it asks you for the code (which is found in the paperwork you get with the Bluetooth receiver). they connect. Easy.  and kind of like magic. Now when i get within 30' of the sounddock speakers, it picks up the bluetooth signal and plays wireless. I-Tunes music, Pandora, LastFm. Cool?. well, it is to me.

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