Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Space is only Noise

downloaded a bunch music apps for I-pad. my plan is to record something ambient/synch or dream pop or post-rock or whatever happens happens. this idea was planted after reading the cartoon band Gorillaz recorded an entire album using only the Ipad.
now your probably asking - what do you know about music?, making music?, creating music? and i say hardly anything and everything. I just like making things that sound, look, or feel good to me. another distraction from what is and what isn't. like the writing, like the art, like the photographs and as's for

just make it past
because that was the day we'd love each other
or  things got frustrating
me here
and you over

three or four moons
fucking over the
up all night weekend
after saying the
things we say
feeling so good

the days and moons and
and no words

did I? did you?
could we ever?
so Wednesday comes
and there are deep sighs across the

and vague messages
you'd wake up
late in the afternoon and call to tell me
how easy it would be
to find
someone else

and you did
and i did
and then

one day I would drive to see
you on the weekend
we'd fuck and say  those things

and it was

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