Monday, October 11, 2010

mind in gutter feet on the ground

out here,  things don't go the way we plan. love in uncharted waters. love in anything.
a sinking ship. love corrupt.
love as a whore. cannon fire, walking the plank.
I long for the warm water drowning.
there is no compass and there are no maps. use the skyline. use the  stars.
use me.  

we carry switchblades
we drink from bottles of salt-water tears.
you are the tide that washes over all the names and tattoos.  
i raise the sails and let the wind carry me 
wherever it will. this is revenge
this is kidding ourselves,
this is other lovers and
other beds
this is never expecting to much
this is running away
while looking
for home
raise the sails,
I let wind carry me
and it

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