Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Everything from here to there and back

In typical Libra fashion it was hard for me to decide when choosing a device to replace my beaten and battered, but trusty lap-top unit...fond memories: porn that had graced its screen and ate away it's memory, the music, the sin, the sticky hot writing. Its where we met- It's where we said goodbye. Love and sex and text and email messages, gmail chats and music exchanges. love and lust in the new age. All those late nights. The duct-tape could no longer hold you or the lap-top in place and so,....

The thing was, i wanted something small, mobile, fast, something id never used before. sleek with design, light and long battery life. something that looks good maybe even to good for me. I already have a Desk-top so that is my anchor - i wanted an affair with something on the side, something new, something to blow me totally the fuck away.

Enter I-Pad. reach out and touch and touch and touch. touch glass, touch words, blow your mind out with apps. I dont own an I-phone or I anything for that matter, unless you count an old Nano I-pod. i was very unfamiliar with whole apps thing or how the touch format worked. but i did it anyway, I splurged an bought myself I-Pad for my birthday. I did my research and for all i wanted to do for all - i needed. I choose I-pad wi-fi - 3g. I know it doesnt have Flash (lack of porn viruses), or USB port (you have to synch it through I-tunes using your Desk-top) It cant totally replace a lap-top but...yet it can. It did. I'm tapping glass right now.

Im still in the early stages, getting used using the touch keyboard, rifling through the "must have" apps at the apple store, figuring out how to post to this and other blogs. Oddly enough there isnt an app made for Blogger, but there is one for Wordpress (which i dont use) and to be honest its not that easy to post on blogger from the Ipad at the moment.there will probably be something for blogger soon or adjustments to the site so its a bit easier.I hope. LJ, and Tumblr apps easy and great. pretty much everything else..I love. I even enjoy the touch keyboard more than i thought. Of course you can get a wireless keyboard, stands, a moleskine case even. cases, sleeves, covers, apps.. ( so far i have only installed an anti-glare and scratch proof cover on it). Its all making my head spin but in a good way.


-thrift-store had half off records over the weekend..thats half off .60 cents folks. a new batch had just arrived and so i picked these up for .30 cents each. they are worth that for the cover art alone.

This was written on the I-pad. Amen.

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