Monday, May 18, 2009

Soft Summer Girls

the dreams again. tornadoes for a short time and then my inability to open a school locker. it could be after a three day holiday or spring break or maybe i just stopped going for a few days. to many lies, to many lyrics. afternoon thunderstorms, warm rain and sandcastles fill the spaces where there should have been names, numbers and memory. I turn the dial this way and that hoping it will catch on some magic. Sarah passes by and tells me to try 8-23-16. i do. nothing. "just a guess." she shrugs and moves on.

Ive drawn a blank. I peek through the vent holes. paper back books, a knife, and a note someone must have slipped inside. trashy romance novels in school?. I have been studying romance and the art of war. now more than ever i want to get inside. the bell rings, the hallway is empty. I have no choice but to get someone from school maintenance to open it. There is a single key that fits into every lock. I wish everything were that easy.

The sky is grape. a tin-can reflection of a cartoon moon stuck in the air for effect. dreams of tornadoes and kissing the girl. Not exactly her, but a representation. it's not exactly like that night, but close. the replacement she thought I'd never be able to find.

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