Thursday, May 7, 2009

florida to texas east and west

sometimes anything. any word. any picture. any song.
sometimes anything. chaos. love. lies. promises.
something. anywhere. anytime. you. me. stories told before bed.
and after.
ever after.

* barrettes in her hair. yellow.
* me in my glasses reading maps.
* writing her love notes.
* the smell of old books.
* a spoonful of peanut butter
* photo booths.
* playing with her hair at night - without asking
* spanish guitar
* lime ice bars
* folding warm laundry
* sleeping on fresh sheets.
she is listing things that make her

sometimes anything will do.
our bodies cuddled close.
my chest against her back.
A leg over hers.
the snooze button pushed not once
but twice. no, three.
more dreams. more time spent together.
this time. she stays.

sometimes it's so hard to find the words.
sometimes nothing.
and sometimes

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