Friday, December 19, 2008

i wrote this song for snow white


i was talking. she was smiling
always taking notes
and i was liking
how she liked me
even choking on
my words

what do you do now?
now, that i can't teach you anything
and i can't tell if you're
still out there
but i know that you still dream

see all my love
two feet beneath
the snow

and these lies
like the sun
melting all the
frost away

i can't teach you anything
and even if i did-

you wouldn't listen anyway
pretend to listen

i never got the fighting
or all the silly games
and some of those
how they
fucked up everything

ruined everything
im sorry that it's over
baby, im sorry that you stayed
you with your faces and me with my sins

but was it me-
didn't i give you

didn't i teach you

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