Friday, December 12, 2008

I saw the crescent , You saw the whole of the moon!

last Fridays full moon. the fullest of the year. swollen with the kind of luck i could feel
sink into my skin. no clouds and 10 miles east it would be hanging calmly over the Atlantic ocean. I wish i was there. sitting with you on the sand, keeping your hands warm pressed to my chest. crabs snapping along the shore. the moon glowing over what's left of this December. something we now share, or at least this vision of it. an illusion of what is and isn't. if it were snow or rain or ash or tears. fall out from a time when our hearts beat and I told you I could have loved you. just a little to late.

Still don't know what to get someone? Here are three books I wouldn't mind having. Any of the three would make a great holiday gift.
Strange brains and Genius: The secret lives of eccentric scientists and madmen
2.Show Me How: 500 things you should know instructions for life from the everyday to the exotic
3.Wacky Packages

Luck since the full moon:

-scored a kathie olivas dunny. It's the one i wanted in the series. (it has a fuzzy body)
-found an old post card in a book, it's from 1986. Garfi
eld on the front. (it's a love note) I enjoy finding those.

- They still had Koibito figures available from artist Yoskay Yamamoto's art show and was able to place order for mine.
- Dallas Cowboys win and keep playoff hopes alive

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