Saturday, September 19, 2015

Grave Swingers - Shallow and Deep

god she was
trouble, trouble, trouble-
and i
did the drugs to close you inside
and i caught the rain to flood
you out
i kissed your knees
i licked your lips
trouble , trouble , trouble

cant find home
thought it was the waves,
thought it was the mountains
thought it was money and
sex and
the music on your playlist
just tell me you'd live
in my sound-track
and it's took me all these years
ive finally settled down
and im ready
to love
and youre

easy in the country:
woman to cook my food and clean
my clock
thought it was easy as it all
comes and goes 
time moves me
out the door
where the money flows
the blood flows
writing  was  wine
drunk e n 
rides on country back roads
promises made to be broken
bones in our skin
bones in the ground
we were
and it was

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