Thursday, September 15, 2011

Haven't seen you since forever sex

Cells made of molecules, molecules made of atoms, atoms made of energy. we are this- Energy.
Ghosts of perception. Illusions until the spaces fill with patterns, pain, heartbreak, seduction, joy, adventures. There is no choice. the blood and salt water. the bones and ashes.    
Happiness is a thought that isn't anything else.
thoughts become things.  i want you here.
my skin close to your bones. our energy.  It attracts  it expands,
it explodes.
It will last many lifetimes.

everything is illusion
every doubt , every fear
that has held you back

or kept you apart from
what you've desired
There is nothing that can't be had
There are no

art: Mike Egan 
photo: roadkill rabbit (flickr)

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