Friday, August 12, 2011

May your heart be the map

The past few years I've practiced minimizing both the physical and mental clutter in my life. I started by promising myself to do MORE things i love doing. In fact,  I try to do as many things i love doing as possible. Getting rid of all things that are not me. It takes time. It's a process that i continue to work on daily. Throwing out my old points of reference. the same actions ALWAYS produced the same results. So, why not do something different?

What was it that caused me to take or not take certain actions? certain risks? What caused me to think that life had limits?
Fear. Fear based on past experiences. even experiences i only saw or heard about.  fears projected from what Ive read or seen on TV. fears of what others might think of me and my ideas. But, why limit yourself doing things NOW based on the past?  Why not live the life you want to live?  I mean the one YOU truly want to live-  Not the one you're supposed to want. Not the one conceived by outside influences, family, work, school,  the media, fear. No constraints. Live and love without limits.

Make life beautiful:

Get rid of all things that are not you
Do things you love
Love things you do
Express gratitude
How you feel is what you'll attract
Get healthy
Stop buying junk
Don't follow same old thought patterns
Create something
Notice something beautiful (at least one thing per day)

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